1st International Conference on Urban Sustainability and Resilience


5th to 6th November 2012 (extra optional day included 7th November)
London, United Kingdom

Engineers, policy makers, designers and planners are some of the key
professions shaping the future of the urban world. The decisions they
make today will often affect many generations to come. As such it is
essential that their decision be backed by knowledge which is both
scientifically sound and also fully aware of the human factors inherent
in urban issues.

The first international conference on Urban Sustainability and Resilience
will bring together world experts from across a wide range of
engineering, science and social science disciplines with three main
- Bring together a strong research community committed to address some of
the most pressing issues that human societies have ever faced
- Take stock of the current state of knowledge in the field of urban
sustainability and resilience
- Put forward a coherent future research agenda in the field.
The central themes of the conference will be:
- Facets of urban resilience
- Integrating and engineering sustainable and resilient urban systems
- Feeding the city
- Towards a low-carbon urban environment
Enquiries: conference@usar-conference-2012.org
Web address: http://www.usar-conference-2012.org/

RBCM. Laboratório de Investigação do Espaço da Arquitetura. Departamento de Arquitetura e Urbanismo. Centro de Artes e Comunicação. UFPE . Recife — PE. (81) 2126.7362