The Main Objective | Expected Results

The Main Objective

The central aim of the research group of researchers is concerned with the future of the Brazilian mid-size cities. By September 2010 in the city of Natal, RN, Brazil, was organized a National Seminar in which the main guidelines of the Network were established, and proposed strategic actions in order to consolidate the Brazilian Studies of Middle Cities - REDBCM.

Specific Objectives:

1) To facilitate information exchange and sharing of research findings aiming an integrated understanding of the Middle Cities in Brazil;

2) To establish constant and enhanced dissemination of research results with an interactive mail, in order to create a sort of multidisciplinary database about the cities on study;

3) To seek to create links with the government and technical staffs of these cities;

4) To seek to build links with the civil society of these cities;

5) To disseminate international experiences of reference about Middle Cities.

With the perspective of systematic feeding and absorption of ideas brought by researchers, collaborators, students and volunteers, the REDBCM plans to be able of supporting government projects, create new applicable methodologies, and perform theoretical analysis that will certainly add to the knowledge of medium-sized cities.

Expected Results

The consolidation of the Brazilian Network for the Study of Middle Cities is the largest expected result. Thus, a set of activities will be developed on the theme "cities" and its correlates. Based on this development and functioning of the Portal, it is expected that all stakeholders, institutions and individual members, can feel supported by the network coordination in stock and thickening of the research lines of the network. With this perspective it is expected in general terms the following results that must be considered as targets of this project:

- Production of material to be available in the Portal;
- Structuring a team that can guarantee the continuity of the project REDBCM Network.
- Produce interactive media with varied methods and approaches on "medium-sized cities and areas of synergy”;
- Consolidation of an initial group of researchers in the Network;
- Create an Online Portal of scientific diffusion;
- Organization of the Annual Seminar;
- Fostering the establishment of specific subgroups, able to approach analytically the richness of these cities, in terms of innovation, economics, urban planning, social, political, cultural and environmental;
- Encouragement and support to members of the Network for the development of specific and sectoral projects capable of bringing greater density to the Net;
- Publishing the results of papers presented at the Seminar;
- Provision of the research results produced by the network to the municipal managers and generate synergy with the local society.

RBCM. Laboratório de Investigação do Espaço da Arquitetura. Departamento de Arquitetura e Urbanismo. Centro de Artes e Comunicação. UFPE . Recife — PE. (81) 2126.7362