About Us

The Brazilian Network for the Study of Middle Cities (REDBCM) was conceived as a mechanism for the integration of scientific research within a multi-disciplinary approach, directly and indirectly linked to the life of these cities and their population. It is intended as an intra-university and multi-institutional strategy, leveraged by the Federal University of Pernambuco, through its Center for Regional Studies Research and Development.

The main objective is to integrate researchers and their research work about mid-sized cities and their nearby territories what requires the synergy of states of the Brazilian Federation. For instance, our network has the important support of the Celso Furtado International Center for Development Policies, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Brazilian Government.

The present urban problems of large Brazilian cities, sometimes referred as an "urban chaos", has spread to medium-sized cities. Our Network project should examine these phenomena, which in our view requires a perspective that should not just be capable to question the contemporary obstacles to tackle the problems, but as well it should propose new alternatives to avoid them.

In organizational terms, the idea is that the foundation of REDBCM shall assist our associate members to plan individual and joint activities, aiming to improve and consolidate studies as well as their public diffusion.

This initiative aims to become a tool to develop dynamic models, interactive and contemporary understandings of medium-sized cities, which could become instruments to improve physical, social and economical planning and a support for sustainable synergetic development of the Brazilian medium-sized cities.

The proposal is to structure the network on two levels:

1) A scientific committee conceived to propose, discuss ideas and create lines of research in which researchers would be organized, and to establish relationships with groups that might have some interface with the Network.

2) An operative coordinating board in charge of: delegating and sharing the issues to be discussed in the Network Council amongst the associated researchers; systematizing information; monitoring the joint operations using the Interactive Site; organizing the researchers’ meetings of the associated institutions, contacting authorities of local or state institutions; and the systematic monitoring of the network information and knowledge production.

RBCM. Laboratório de Investigação do Espaço da Arquitetura. Departamento de Arquitetura e Urbanismo. Centro de Artes e Comunicação. UFPE . Recife — PE. (81) 2126.7362